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0800 freephone numbers

0800 freephone numbers allow callers to phone the subscriber free of charge. It is the 0800 number subscriber who pays the cost of any calls made to their 0800 number. The 0800 number service is aimed primarily (but not exclusively) at businesses, and has been proven to increase response to advertising by up to 300%. 0800 numbers are cost effective, inexpensive and considered essential for any new or existing business.

Independent 0800 market research

Over 80% of people know that dialing an 0800 number is free. 80% of customers are more likely to call an 0800 number than make a call they have to pay for. 75% of UK companies with a freephone number receive up to three times more calls than before. Advertising using an 0800 number can increase response rates by up to 300%! Companies with an 0800 number are perceived as being more trustworthy, more professional and larger.

Research points to the fact 85% of customers will use an 0800 number in preference to paying for their call via a non-0800 number. A business 0800 freephone number enhances your company's image with customers. An 0800 freephone number gives your company a national feel and one of a large, quality company. An 0800 number gains you an advantage over your competitors who don't have one. [more]

Calls to 0800 freephone numbers are set to double

One in four television commercials and as many in the press already carry an 0800 number. Industry estimates indicate that calls to 0800 numbers will double in the next three years. Businesses without a freephone 0800 number may well get left behind.

Freephone numbers costs nothing for your customers to call you

Offering a freephone number from 0800-freephone-numbers.co.uk sends a clear message to new and existing customers: 'We value your custom so much that we'll pay for your call to us, wherever you are in the country.' This is low-cost way to encourage customers to call. It can reduce your marketing costs. It enhances customer service, delivers competitive advantage and helps you build loyalty. With a 0800 number, your business can overcome the geographical limitations imposed upon you by an STD prefix. [more]

More about 0800 numbers

Most Freephone numbers begin with the digits `080' followed by a further 8 digits. However, you will also see Freephone numbers beginning with `0800', followed by only 6 digits. Additionally, you will also see Freephone numbers beginning with `0500', followed by a further 6 digits, although the amount of these in use is decreasing. Many Freephone numbers continue to be displayed as 0800 xxxxxx(x), but Freephone numbers beginning with the digits `0808' also exist. [more]

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0800 number facts & informationNon-geographic numbers

Non Geographic numbers (0800, 0808, 0845, 0870 and 0871) offer many advantages over geographic numbers. With the various number updates taking place in the UK every business should consider a non geographic phone number, if for no other reason than to avoid costly sign and stationery alterations whenever there is a change or the company moves premises. In many towns and cities even a short move necessitates a new phone number. Non geographic numbers never change, are for life and can follow a business or individual anywhere in the UK. Having non-geographical numbers mean that prospects can call your business from anywhere in the UK.

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