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About Freephone Numbers

Most Freephone numbers begin with the digits `080' followed by a further 8 digits. However, you will also see Freephone numbers beginning with `0800', followed by only 6 digits. Additionally, you will also see Freephone numbers beginning with `0500', followed by a further 6 digits, although the amount of these in use is decreasing. Many Freephone numbers continue to be displayed as 0800 xxxxxx(x), but Freephone numbers beginning with the digits `0808' also exist.

Calls to Freephone numbers are usually free to the caller. However, mobile companies may charge you for calling Freephone numbers - your mobile provider should provide an announcement stating that you will be charged for the call before the call is connected.

Freephone numbers are mainly used by businesses in advertisements. Businesses are charged by their telecoms provider for the cost of any calls to their Freephone number. Because of the low cost, from some provider of 0800 numbers, more residential customers are using Freephone numbers to contact family or friends while away from home.

0800 number facts & informationNon-geographic numbers

Non Geographic numbers (0800, 0808, 0845, 0870 and 0871) offer many advantages over geographic numbers. With the various number updates taking place in the UK every business should consider a non geographic phone number, if for no other reason than to avoid costly sign and stationery alterations whenever there is a change or the company moves premises. In many towns and cities even a short move necessitates a new phone number. Non geographic numbers never change, are for life and can follow a business or individual anywhere in the UK. Having non-geographical numbers mean that prospects can call your business from anywhere in the UK.

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