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0800 number - frequently asked questions

Can I use my 0800 number on any BT line?
Yes. Your 0800 number shares any existing BT line with an existing number. Such 0800 numbers do not affect your existing line, number or services.

Can I use an 0800 number on a residential line?
Yes - 0800 freephone numbers can be used on both business and residential lines.

Can I move an 0800 number to another line?
Yes - even if you move premises, your 0800 number can be moved and in most cases, free of charge.

Can I have more than one 0800 number sharing the same line?
Yes - in most cases and with most 0800 providers, you can have multiple numbers on the same line - subject to charges.

How long does connection take?
With most 0800 number providers, 0800 number connections usually take around seven days.

Can I pick my 0800 number?
0800 numbers are usually issued automatically by the carriers, but for a premium price, an option usually exists to choose a memorable number.

How long can I keep my 0800 number?
Unless a pecific contract stipulates otherwise, your 0800 number is yours for as long as you contimue to pay the monthly service charges.

Can I call an 0800 number from outside the UK?
In most cases, 0800 numbers can only be used within the country in which they are issued.

Can I call an 0800 number from a mobile phone?
Yes - calls are free from certain mobile phone providers, whilst others charge their standard rate for the call. A number of companies offer specific advice and services on this subject.

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0800 number facts & informationAssign a separate number to every staff member

Where company staff have their own DDI line, it makes sense to cover each line with a non-geographical number. This means that customers can call in from anywhere in the UK and if that staff member is reassigned, the number can, if wished, follow him/her to the new destination.

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